Our Unchanging Good Gift-Giver

The writer of this passage understands how easily we like to take credit for the good things in life that come our way, and complain about the bad. Since our track record for deceiving ourselves about these things is consistently abysmal; he wants to remind us that God is utterly in control.

God’s Miraculous Power

When our first child was eight months old, she woke up one morning unable to lift her head, her neck would not support it. Tammy had been perfectly fine when we put her to bed the previous night. As first time parents, we were very frightened. But God stepped in with a miracle.

Focus On Today

David was a daily optimist, despite his failures and he moved into the opportunities God provided because of his confidence that he was never alone. Keeping his eyes on God let him focus on the best of today.

Our Ever-Present Help

I waited interminably for it to become dark and then started to walk quietly toward the barn. If he was still out here in the dark I could have a real problem. All the way, I kept praying for direction from the Lord to guide and protect me.